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Mercy Women’s Center was the first facility in Oklahoma to acquire Digital Mammography and the first to incorporate Breast MRI into routine clinical practice.

In January 2002, Dr. Rebecca Stough launched the Mercy Breast MRI Program, studying several hundred patients before switching to the Aurora breast-dedicated MRI in March 2003. Mercy Women’s Center is also one of the most active research centers in the U.S. assisting with the development of a screening blood test to detect early breast cancer. This effort is part of the Breast MRI Program where thousands of blood specimens intimately linked by database to MRI results now comprise the largest such research reservoir anywhere.

Breast MRI of Oklahoma selected as one of three beta test sites for spiralRODEO™ breast MRI

Following FDA approval for RODEO™ MRI in September 2003, the next major development was spiralRODEO™ where the image slices are even thinner (1 mm) and sharper. Mercy Women’s Center/Breast MRI of Oklahoma was asked to serve as one of three beta test sites worldwide for the introduction of this new technology. You may view a demonstration of spiralRODEO™ by clicking here:

This patient’s mammograms were negative, and moderate density was thought to allow reasonable sensitivity. However, RODEO™ MRI revealed a completely unsuspected cancer (arrow).

Alan B. Hollingsworth, MD, Medical Director, and Rebecca G. Stough, MD, Clinical Director, were classmates and graduates of the OU College of Medicine.